Hello, Color Guardians fans,

We've had to delay our launch of Color Guardians for PS4, Vita, Steam Mac and PC for just a little longer. Our new launch date is Tuesday, May 12, 2015 for all systems.

Obviously it's never easy to have to delay a game, and nobody wants to let you enjoy the Guardians' world more than we do! We just need a little longer to ensure our game is everything we want it to be, from the first orb you collect to the final boss level at the end. We're going to spend this month polishing and putting the finishing touches on the game from top to bottom; we don't want to announce "one more week" to our loyal fans and then discover there's just one more thing to fix. The game is in great shape and we know it'll be in even better shape when May arrives!

We want to thank you for your enthusiasm and your patience, and in return, we're going to deliver the best game we can make for you, no matter what platform you'll be playing on. Thanks for sticking with us, and get ready to restore the world with Rod, Lia, and Grock next month!

- Your friends at Fair Play Labs